Blockware Solutions LOOM Network Validator and Staking Pool

Blockware Solutions Validator is connected to the Loom Network through a globally distributed and scalable system of Sentry nodes located across Asia, and North America, allowing individuals to stake their LOOM tokens through Blockware Pool with ease and maximum security.


Blockware Solution's Loom Validator is hosted at a privately-owned data centre who guarantees 99.999% uptime. The Validator is connected to the Loom Network through a globally distributed and scalable system of Sentry nodes.


The Blockware Validator uses a hardware security module to ensure that its private keys are not compromised. This secures our as well as our Delegator’s stake. Additionally, the validator connects to the Sentry nodes and Loom Network through a private connection that is not publicly accessible, mitigating DDoS attack vulnerability

Easy to use

Blockware Pool provides a simple, easy to use platform for delegators to stake their LOOM tokens securely, with maximum transparency, and actively participate in network governance

How To Stake Loom

About Blockware Solutions

Blockware Solutions LLC is a blockchain infrastructure company and network advisory firm. An industry leader in Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency mining services including hardware procurement and professional mining pool and staking pool operations. Blockware offers access to an extensive network of commercial Data Center Facilities across North America who specialize in hosting & collocation services for Cryptocurrency mining hardware; providing guaranteed up-time and 24/7 monitoring by experienced IT personnel. Among other consulting services, Blockware produces thorough research reports which deeply analyze developments at the forefront of the blockchain ecosystem and have been published several leading Cryptocurrency media outlets.


Blockware Solutions is led by CEO Matt D’Souza, an active member in the Blockchain Ecosystem as well as Co-Founder and Portfolio Manager of Blockchain Opportunity Fund LLC, one of the larger Hedge Funds to focus solely on blockchain investments. Blockchain Opportunity Fund has been an early investor and/or advisor to several large blockchain projects with the strategy to invest and support the growth and needs of these projects.